A Love That’s Ours (a poem)

Beauty pads soft thru darkened halls,
The stone-clad floor sticks to the balls
Of her feet, delicately placed;
She licks her lips, smiles, a taste
More delectable than every
Herb and spice that feed the reverie
Of those exquisite ruby lips:
Even the food she eats worships
Her, that mouth is a cathedral.
Her attraction is both cerebral
And lubricious. Black hair flows,
Scatters scented petals- rose,
Chrysanthemum, daisy- flowers
Envy beauty and her powers.
A splendid energy channels thru her,
Everything turns around to her
Radiant visage, as her light
Illuminates every mite,
Casts brilliance upon each blue
Wall, dazzles, drills into you,
Flecks the universe with lustre
Like a far-off galactic cluster.
Her eyes a luscious ancient brown-
Keen and clever, never down;
With no candle to show her way
Her light keeps all monsters at bay.
Slow rising of her supple breast
‘neath a cow-print hooded vest
Marks how gently she breathes:
Perhaps somewhere inside she seethes,
But she spreads equanimity
Across the world, through every city,
And on to the twinkling stars,
Crash-landing on rocky Mars:
A love that can’t be held by bars;
A love, my love: a love that’s ours.